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Support Policy

OpenBack Customer Support Policy

At OpenBack, our customer's success is our top priority. We provide three levels of customer support in line with the OpenBack package offerings: Growth, Pro and Enterprise. The level of support included in each package is described in this document. The support package level that applies to a customer is specified in the contract signed by the customer and OpenBack Limited

How to Contact Support

How to Contact Support
Chat Chat widget on our website, docs and dashboard
Phone Provided to our Pro and Enterprise Customers

Support Hours

OpenBack's regular support hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm GMT. We offer out of hours standard support from 6pm to 9am via email support from our offices around the world. Weekend Support hours for Enterprise customers are 9am - 4pm GMT on Saturdays. In addition, OpenBack is closed on certain observed UK or US holidays.

Support Levels

Growth Support

Growth Support is our entry-level support tier that is designed to provide comprehensive online support services to customer inquiries via email, live chat and documentation.

Pro Support

Pro Support includes all of the benefits of the Growth Support, and also includes live telephone support and prioritised response times.

Enterprise Support

Enterprise Support provides all the benefits of the Pro Support and also includes additional weekend support, top priority response times and are assigned a Customer Success Manager who will be the dedicated primary contact at OpenBack.

Support Feature Growth Pro Enterprise
Documentation – FAQs, Searchable
Email Support
Live Chat Support
Phone Support -
Priority Case Routing -
Assisted Technical Implementation Onboarding -
Designated Customer Success Manager - -
Designated Technical Account Manager - Optional Optional
Named Support Contacts - 1 2
Support Hours of Operation (Weekdays) 9am – 6pm GMT 9am – 6pm GMT 9am – 6pm GMT Sat 9am - 4pm GMT
Severity 1: Critical - Initial Response Time 6 hours, 24x7 3 hours, 24x7 1 hours, 24x7
Severity 2: Major - Initial Response Time 1 - 2 business days Under 1 business day 12 business hours
Severity 3: Minor - Initial Response Time 2 - 4 business days 1 – 2 business days 6 - 12 business hours
Severity 4: Enhancement - Initial Response Time 3 business days 2 business day 1 business day

Priority Definitions

All Support Requests are assigned a severity level based on how they affect your service.

  • Severity 1: Critical – Critical production issue affecting all OpenBack customers, including system unavailability and data integrity issues, with no workaround available.
  • Severity 2: Major – Production issue impacting a majority of OpenBack customers, loss of functionality and/or significantly degraded performance, issue is persistent with no workaround available.
  • Severity 3: Minor – Any system issue that affects functionality or impacts performance, workaround may be possible but not sustainable.
  • Severity 4: Enhancement – Any request for desired functionality, information request for application capability, implementation assistance, or system issue that impacts a small number of users with an acceptable workaround available.

Technical Support Coverage

Issues Covered by Technical Support

  • Issues and problems with OpenBack services.
  • Releases and updates.
  • Assistance with implementation and deployment of OpenBack services.
  • General assistance with OpenBack product features.

Issues Not Covered by Technical Support

  • Implementations not using the OpenBack Limited SDKs.
  • Non-OpenBack networks, systems, technologies, hardware or software.
  • Application development outside of OpenBack SDK implementations.

Additional Support Terms

Notwithstanding the support package level specified in an OpenBack Platform Agreement and purchased by a customer, (1) OpenBack will only provide Standard Support to customers who do not complete the OpenBack Technical On-boarding (this applies only for customers that are new users of the OpenBack SaaS product); and (2) OpenBack will not provide any technical support to customers who do not include the OpenBack provided SDK within their mobile applications for use in connection with the OpenBack SaaS product.

Named Support Contacts: Customers shall designate named individuals (“Named Support Contacts”) to serve as liaisons with OpenBack Support for each active service from OpenBack. Named Support Contacts are responsible for: (i) reporting cases to OpenBack, (ii) overseeing Customer’s support case activity, and (iii) technical knowledge of the OpenBack services and Customer’s use of such services in order to assist OpenBack in diagnosing and resolving the issue.  Any changes to the Named Support Contacts shall be submitted to specifying the former and new contacts.

Support Request Abuse

OpenBack reserves the right to notify Customers in advance that charges will be levied in cases where unwarranted and repeated support request escalations are sought by a customer without underlying issues being identified.