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It is possible to configure OpenBack using an optional plist, something useful when working on frameworks like Cordova, Unity or Titanium.

The plist configuration could be used as the default settings that you can still override in when initializing OpenBack. Something useful to test with a different app code and logging level.

Configuration Order

  1. Load config from OpenBackConfig.plist
  2. If it doesn't exist, load from the OpenBack dictionary entry in Info.plist (since v1.7.3)
  3. Override with parameters from setupWithConfig:

Configuration Parameters

When using OpenBackConfig.plist, use the following keys directly. When using the Info.plist, create an OpenBack dictionary and add the following keys. All keys are optional. You just need to have the application code set at some point.

  • OBKApplicationID: (string) The application code
  • OBKConfigLogLevel: (integer) Debug level - 0: None, 1: Error, 2: Warning, 3: Info, 4: Debug, 5: Verbose - Default: 0
  • OBKMinimumFetchInterval: (integer) Minium fetch interval - Default: 0
  • OBKConfigNotificationSound: _(string) Notification sound name
  • OBKEnableAlertNotifications: (boolean) Enable system alert notifications - Default:YES
  • OBKEnableInAppNotifications: (boolean) Enable in-app notifications - Default:YES
  • OBKEnablePopupNotifications: (boolean) Enable alert popup notifications - Default:YES
  • OBKEnableRemoteNotifications: (boolean) Enable remote notifications - Default:YES
  • OBKEnableProximity1: (boolean) Enable device proximity - Default:NO
  • OBKEnableMotionCoprocessor: (boolean) Enable motion coprocessor for activity trigger - Default:NO
  • OBKEnableMicrophone: (boolean) Enable microphone for noise level detection - Default:NO
  • OBKEnableLocation: (boolean) Enable user "always" location - Default:NO
  • OBKEnableLocationWhenInUse: (boolean) Enable user "when in use" location - Default: NO
  • OBKRequestAlertNotificationsAuthorization2: (boolean) Let OpenBack prompt the user for system alert notifications authorization - Default:YES
  • OBKRequestMotionCoprocessorAuthorization2: (boolean) Let OpenBack prompt the user for motion coprocessor access authorization` - Default:YES
  • OBKRequestMicrophoneAuthorization2: (boolean) Let OpenBack prompt the user for microphone authorization - Default:YES
  • OBKRequestLocationAlwaysAuthorization2: (boolean) Let OpenBack prompt the user for location always authorization - Default:YES

Example Info.plist


[1]: Enabling proximity on iOS has the side effect of turning the screen off when the device is close to the face.
[2]: For the permissions request, OpenBack SDK will request authorizarion only if the feature is enabled.