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APN Certificate Guide

Setup APN Certificates for Push Notifications

In the background, OpenBack may use silent Push Notifications to silently update messages and monitor some timed messages precisely. As such, OpenBack requires a certificate to send those push notification packets. In the project, a certificate must be created and provided to OpenBack (send to the OpenBack integrations team or upload to the Message Campaign Manager in your App settings if available on in the OpenBack account). If Push Notifications are used already, OpenBack recommends creating a specific certificate for the OpenBack SDK. iOS applications can have multiple APNs certificates and this additional OpenBack certificate does not interfere with any existing certificates or services in any way.

Go to your apple developer account

Select Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles

Select Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles

Add a certificate for your application

Add new certificate

Select the Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox & Production)

Select the push

Pick the application for the Apple Push Notification service

Pick application

Follow the steps to create the certificate.

You can now download the APN certificate.

Download certificate

Verify that your application is configured correctly. Push Notifications should be enabled for Distribution.


Open the downloaded certificate in Keychain Access.


Export the certificate in .p12 format.


Add the certificate on the OpenBack Dashboard