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This page gives you an overview of the content of your messages and their performance. There are 5 tabs that contain your messages:

  • Active - These messages are currently running and being delivered
  • Draft - These are drafted messages that have yet to be activated
  • Sent - This tab shows all messages that were sent by Legacy Push and cannot be reactivated
  • Archived - These are old messages that have been deactivated and will no longer deliver. You can always reactivate an archived message
  • All - This tab contains all messages created

View Charts

At a high level each row displays:

  • Message Name - Name of your message
  • Active From - The date the message was initially activated
  • Delivered - Number of users that received the message
  • Interacted - Percentage of users that interacted with the message
  • CTR - Percentage of users that clicked the message
  • Goals Completed - The number of times the Goal linked to this message was completed
  • Conversion - Percentage of delivered messages that resulted in a goal completion
  • Blocked - Number of users that were influenced into blocking notifications Pro Only
  • Uninstalled - Number of users that were influenced into uninstalling Pro Only

You can expand each message to see which apps it was targeting as well as the metrics per app. Every message comes with its own set of charts that shows the message performance within a timeframe.

Data Polling Frequency and Metrics

The message metrics can take up to 24 hours to refresh. The rate at which this refreshes depends on the Data Polling Frequency set in your app settings page. The default Data Polling Frequency is set to every 12 hours.

Demo Mode

Demo Mode is enabled by default on signup. It is used to fake data in messages as an example of what the metrics for a real message might look like. Simply click the X to disable Demo Mode or it can be disabled from your profile page.

Demo Mode


Demo Mode will be disabled if you try to create a new app or message.

Filtering Messages

Messages can be filtered by text or by date. To filter the messages by text, simply enter your term into the filter textbox.

To filter messages by a certain date range, click the By Dates filter and select your dates.

Demo Mode