Video Options

Adding a video to a notification can be done through multiple different ways, each one is laid out below.

Using Online Video Platforms

Dynamic Push Message URL


If you plan on using an online player like YouTube/Vimeo to store videos, this is the most recommended method.

  • Uses the full extent of the video player that you use - fullscreen/pop out player etc
  • Opens the video in a new tab in the browser, allowing users to come back to the video.
  • Doesn't bring the user into your app.

In-App Message URL

  • Brings users into your app.
  • Can't be fullscreen.
  • Video is lost once users leave the notification.

In-App Custom HTML

  • Brings users into your app.
  • Can't be fullscreen.

Hosting Your Own Videos

In-App Video Message

  • Video is cached in advance and plays flawlessly once delivered.
  • Fullscreen is automatically applied.
  • Full quality regardless of the user's current data connection.
  • Videos must be hosted by you.
  • Once a user leaves the notification, the video is gone.