Dashboard Metrics

You will find various helpful metrics across the dashboard within the main Overall Metrics pages, and also within View Messages and under App Settings.

Overall Metrics

There is a helpful KPI dashboard which gives you a single view across all high level metrics for all mobile apps. As you click into each area within the KPI dashboard, or using the left navigation menus, you can dig further into metrics, and also filter metrics by app, date range and other filters.

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View Messages Metrics

OpenBack allows you to quickly send a single message to multiple apps across Android and iOS. This makes it easier to view the overall performance of your message while also showing per app performance.

View Messages

You can quickly view a number of different metrics such as:

  • Active From - date that the message went live
  • Delivered - number of users that received the message
  • Interacted % - percentage of users that clicked/dismissed the message
  • CTR % - percentage of users that clicked the message
  • Goals completed - number of times the goal linked to this message was completed

Each message comes with its own set of charts that shows a timeline of the message's performance. These charts come with more in-depth metrics:

View Messages Charts

  • Delivered - number of users that received the message
  • Dismissals - number of times the message was dismissed
  • Clicks - number of times the message was clicked
  • Interactions - combination of clicks and dismissals
  • Total Goals - number of times the goal linked to this message was complete
  • Total Direct Goals - number of times a user clicked the message and completed the goal
  • Total Within Timeframe Goals - number of times the goal was completed within the set timeframe
  • Total Goal Value - sum of the completed goal values
  • Total Direct Goal Value - sum of the direct goal values
  • Total Within Timeframe Goal Value - sum of the within timeframe goal values

App Settings Metrics

The App Settings page shows important information about your app such as your OpenBack App Code, but it also shows different charts and metrics that highlight the current performance of your app.

View Apps

At first glance, you can see different app metrics such as:

  • Active Devices - number of users devices have made contact with the OpenBack platform in the last 30 days
  • New Active Devices - Active Devices that made first contact within the last 30 days
  • Delivered - total number of messages delivered to users of this app
  • Blocked % - percentage of users that have notifications blocked

The interactive charts show further historical metrics about your app:

  • Active Installs/Uninstalled Users
  • New Users Today/Last 30 Days/This Year
  • Notification Status
  • Active Installs/Uninstalls Over Time
  • New Users Over Time
  • Notification Status Over Time