Active User Metrics

An Active User is someone who has opened your mobile app. These charts and tables can be filtered to show the last 30 days for all apps, all time for all apps or for a specific app for a custom date range.

Active Users

Active User Periods

This tab shows the number of Active Users within the given time period.

Active User Periods

Active User Cohorts

This tab shows the cohorts of Active Users sorted by install date.

Active User Cohorts


This tab shows the ratio of Daily Active Users (Day 0) against Monthly Active Users (Day 30) – this is a very useful metric for evaluating the use of your app, and is often referred to as stickiness.


Push Share 1-Day/7-Day/30-Day Active Users

This tab shows the percentage of users in these active user cohorts that are active users because they clicked on a push notification.

% Push Share