Dashboard Metrics

The Metrics Dashboard is the homepage for you to view the statistics and progress of your apps, messages and goals.

Overall Metrics

This section shows your overall progress of different data points (audience, users, installs, etc).

  • Active apps - Total number of user apps that have communicated with the OpenBack platform in the last 30 days - (installed apps)
  • Active audience - Total number of users that have notifications allowed for your app
  • Interaction rate - Average interaction percentage rate across all of your campaigns & apps
  • CTR rate - Average click through rate percentage for all your campaigns & apps


The charts on the Metrics Dashboard are interactive, allowing you to customise what data you see on each chart. You can also find the same metrics for your apps under the apps settings page.


Individual Analytics

This section shows your top performing messages and goals, allowing you to quickly manage each of them individually. IndividualAnalytics