Goal Settings

Creating a Goal

Setup Goals and track how message campaigns drive goals being completed by users, or conversions. Goals can be setup for anything, for example getting a user to register, complete a profile, purchase an item, renew a subscription or complete a survey.

Click here to setup goals.

Follow the steps to create a goal for Android and/or iOS

Goal Details

To create a goal:

  1. Enter a goal code - something to uniquely identify the goal. This is used by the app to identify the goal
  2. Enter a goal name - any identifier to differentiate one goal from another e.g. Conversion, Purchase
  3. Enter a goal description - the expected outcome of the goal
  4. Set the number of steps required to complete the goal
  5. Set how long you want the conversion window to be
  6. Enter a default value for your goal so you can track the goal's progress

Goal Details