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Attributes, Events & Segments


Attributes are used to personalize the content of a message with user info that is stored on their device. All attributes have a default fallback value that is used if no attribute data for a user has been set and so cannot be found.

Learn more about Attributes for Android and iOS.


You can pass existing or new events to the OpenBack SDK client side, to signal and deliver a message. An event is an action at a particular moment in time for each user, which can then be used to deliver a notification. You can easily pass existing or new events to the OpenBack SDK client-side, making advanced campaigns simple.

Learn more about Events for Android and iOS.

Custom Segments

Custom segments are set by your app and used to deliver a message when the value set by the mobile app matches the value set in the message. The values set can also be used as personalized content within messages.

Learn more about Custom Segments for Android and iOS.