The OpenBack API is an optional set of server to server APIs to integrate backend systems with OpenBack, including managing functions within the OpenBack dashboard such as creating, editing and removing campaigns, sending out push notifications to specific users or segments of users and much more. There are also reporting endpoints to ingest data into backend systems; and other capabilities including features such as intelligent routing across email and SMS.

Given OpenBack’s unique capabilities for personalizing messaging content and segmenting users all using client side capabilities, there is often not the need to do the heavy lifting and maintenance of integrating backend platforms such as would be the norm with conventional mobile engagement platforms. This also has significant gains in terms of executing real-time campaigns for users, and lower backend server costs.

Message Campaign Endpoints

Many of our customers manage and control all of their notifications using our fully functional RESTful API. If you are an API customer, you can access your API portal here and access the Message API docs here.

Reporting Endpoints

All the data relating to notifications, messages and users is available through a fully functional Reporting RESTful API. If you are an API customer with Reporting functionality, you can access your API portal here and access the Reporting API docs here.