Android FAQ

Setting up ProGuard rules?

There is no need to set up ProGuard rules regarding the OpenBack SDK. These rules are set in the SDK and are included in your app upon building.

Can you read the notification payload information?

You can send extra information alongside the Dynamic Push payload which can then be read and used within your app.

My notification icon doesn't look right?

There can be different reasons for why your Android notification isn't appearing correctly.

To guarantee that your notification icon works across multiple versions of Android, the following checks must be made:

  • Make sure to add each size of icon.
  • Verify that the proper alpha channel is added.
  • Check that the icon transparency is properly set.
  • If the icon appears as a solid square, the icon image has been set correctly but was not generated with an appropriate transparency.

We recommend using the Android Asset Studio to generate your app's notification icon.

Can I manually clear notifications?

Yes, you can manually clear notifications by using the standard APIs on the Android NotificationManager or Android NotificationManagerCompat classes.