Manage everything to do with your OpenBack account, including setting up messages and viewing analytics.


Integrate the SDK into your app to deliver messages including push notifications.

Companion App

Use the OpenBack Companion App to test messages from the dashboard instantly on your mobile device.

Client API


Setup and manage OpenBack directly via our API here.

Developers who read the docs first, get the integration done in under 15 minutes: Android Integration iOS Integration

OpenBack® improves server side push notifications by adding device-side decisions and dynamic notifications which use both remote and local notifications. For the first time push notifications have:

Guaranteed delivery reliability
Immediate ability to use 200+ device & user data points and machine learning in real-time to deliver each notification at a particular contextual moment for each user (without bringing data back to server side)
Complete metrics for every push notification from delivery to dismiss, click, opt-out, uninstall and actions then completed

OpenBack works seamlessly alongside Firebase, APNs or any other push provider your app incorporates.

Dynamic Push Delivery -