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Getting Started

Introduction to OpenBack

OpenBack puts your customers' first. Using real-time customer intelligence, harnessing AI and machine learning, we deliver your messages to your customers at a time that suits them, using smart notifications. Getting the notification at the right time leads to better customer engagement, personalized mobile experiences and drives more revenue. With over 40 behavioural triggers, combined with our unique 360° on-device view of your customer's behaviour, we consistently see open rates of between 20-40%. Our goal is to make your customers more engaged with your brand.

How to get started


We recommend getting started by creating your OpenBack account logins and learn how to navigate around the platform. Read through feature summary to decide where you want to begin. Then share these integration guidelines with your developers.

Have any questions? We'd love to hear from you. Email us at or read through our General FAQs in the section below.


Click on our Android or iOS Integration guides to get started implementing OpenBack within your mobile app today.